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Hi, My name is Monika

I am the founder of Monika Botanika. I was born in Poland and I love to bring my heritage into products that I create.

This business was born out of love for plants, flowers, handmade products, and need for safe and effective cosmetics, followed by months of research and learning. I started in 2019 with my soap company called Scrubby Dabby Soaps. In very early days the soaps were created by my daughters, I was only helping a little.

It became my favorite thing to do! I was obsessed with the great quality of the products we were making and with the unlimited options for creating unique and fun soaps.

Beautifully Handmade

Botanical Infusion Euphoria4u2

Botanical Infusion

Never Tested on Animals

Quality Products Euphoria4u2

Highest Quality

Soon, I started making cold processed soaps, body scrubs, bath bombs, face cleansers, body and face creams and more! I was hooked!!

I introduced lots of botanicals, veggies and fruit into my products as we always grow some goodies in our small garden. I love the fact that I can combine my hobbies and create such an amazing, skin loving and functional product.

The home grown cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, black and red currants, aloe vera, numerous herbs, flower petals which I get from friendly flower farm located in Coram - all those are being used in some way in my products! I love infusing oils with herbs and flowers. I enjoy making glycerites with strawberries or currants - they are so beautiful!! 

I established this brand, inspired by my very creative and artistic Mama. She always makes something beautiful and believes in homemade everything! I do too!

I also believe that everyone deserves to have clear, beautiful skin. With my products, bath time and self care time is a fun and joyful experience! 

Handmade is Best Made!!